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    Dongguan Difon Green Technologies Co., Ltd., established in 2021, was jointly initiated by the first batch of senior members of the domestic pulp molding packaging team, focusing on providing professional environmental protection pulp molding packaging solutions for domestic and foreign customers. Dafeng is based in Dongguan, Guangdong, an advanced manufacturing center in the Greater Bay Area. The factory is located in the new Songhu Smart City Park in Liaobu Town. The surrounding logistics and transportation environment are convenient. The initial investment scale is expected to reach an annual output value of 150 million yuan.






    What is the thickness and weight of the paper holder?

    Paper support usually refers to paper support in a broad sense, which is the paper support of dry pressing process. It is a processing method that takes pulp as raw material and uses stainless steel filter molds under pressure (negative pressure or positive pressure) to dehydrate the pulp and form fibers to produce the desired products. Paper tray production mainly includes pulp preparation, forming, hot pressing, moulding and other processes. Die forming has vacuum forming method and extrusion forming method. Since the pulp used in pulp molding mostly uses waste paper as raw material, it complies with the requirements of environmental protection and the development direction of green packaging. So what is the thickness and weight of the paper holder? Let me introduce to you below.



    Why is the paper holder favored?

    Paper support products can contain and protect the packaged products, which are convenient and practical. The designed structural performance will directly affect the strength, stiffness, stability and practicability of the package, that is, the structure of the paper tray product directly affects the realization of its packaging function. The environmentally friendly paper-plastic paper tray we see now is also called "paper tray", which is what we often call pulp molding. . So why is the paper holder favored? The following small series of green excellent paper products will introduce to you.



    What are the characteristics of pulp molding?

    Paper tray, also known as pulp molding, is made of carton scraps, newsprint, white pure wood pulp, etc. as raw materials, which are pulped and prepared into a certain proportion of pulp. Forming and post-drying to form environmentally friendly paper products of different types and uses



    Overview of Pulp Molded Products

    Pulp molding products are firstly used in the transportation and packaging of agricultural and sideline products such as eggs, fruits, etc., and gradually expand the scope of application research. At present

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